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Yellow Zone

Yellow Zone

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Yellow Zone
Beautifying Facial Serum 
Promotes New Beautiful Skin


Created from ancient and modern-day essential oil extract. Yellow Zone is an all-natural healing remedy created for facial skin that won’t make your skin look oily. Made with watermelon seed oil, which is light and prevents pore clogging.

Yellow Zone helps moisturize your face naturally while the Collagen Peptides promote beautiful new skin growth. Yellow Zone also helps naturally protect your skin from the sun with Raspberry seed oil. Proudly created in Kentucky, USA, from 100% pure extracts researched and sourced from around the world. 

Made exclusively with pure extracts, no preservatives or synthetics, Yellow Zone deeply penetrates the different layers of skin, giving it a natural fighting chance to heal the way the body was intended to.

Use Yellow Zone on acne, blemishes, scarring, discoloration, bruising, dryness, chapping, windburn, sunburn, cuts, and scratches. Yellow Zone adds a glow to your face without making it look oily. You can use Yellow Zone on any part of your body for extra moisturizing or to add a glow to your skin.

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