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Yellow Flowers


First of all, Thank you for your interest in Supernaturoils. I want to let you know why we’re here and our reason to exist.

When my little girl was born in 2011, I was tasked to acquire lotion/cream for her skin. I had never read the back of a container for skincare of any kind in my life. I like most people make their decisions on skin products based on how something looks on a nice package or label. I trusted that products which had nice-looking labels and FDA approved were safe-until tried to find a skin product that would be safe on my baby girl's skin.


Looking on the back of most skin product labels that are found at the drug store or grocery store, there will be a list of ingredients, some might be familiar, but many of these ingredients will have words you never heard of. Many you need to spend real time on google to do your own research, which I encourage everyone to do.


I learned pretty quickly, that there are ingredients/chemicals in these drugstore lotions/cremes that are toxic and not meant to be absorbed into humans. How can this be possible? Rather than waiting on an answer, I decided to proactively do something about it, which is where my homemade oils begin.


Jimmy Lee King

Founder of Supernaturoils 

"There are ingredients/chemicals in these drugstore lotions/cremes that are toxic and not meant to be absorbed into humans"

Since 2011, I have spent a large amount of time studying natural remedies and different ingredients/oils/extracts - what each oil does, how and where it’s produced all the way to researching the farms all over the world that produce the plants and trees that these oils are harvested. 
I’ve worked through numerous college research/doctor/herbology studies about what these ingredients do and how they affect the human skin which is the largest organ of our body, which is ultimately why we should be taking this very seriously.
I never planned on making products to sell. After spending years mixing and experimenting with small-batch quantities, letting family and friends try them, I gained confidence after the repeated positive effects these oils have made for everyone using the oils. My massage therapist tried some of my oils and encouraged me to make this for her to use and sell. 

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