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Red Zone

Red Zone

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Red Zone 

Muscle & Ache Control
100% Natural


Created from ancient and modern-day essential oil extract. Red Zone is an all-natural healing remedy for most muscle aches, soreness, arthritis, and anything that makes your body challenging to move or relax as it should.

This oil is a great pre-workout product that will warm your muscles up and create blood flow to the applied area. Equally, it’s an excellent post-workout remedy.  Proudly created in Kentucky, USA, from 100% pure extracts researched and sourced from around the world.

Made exclusively with pure extracts, no preservatives or synthetics, Red Zone deeply penetrates the different layers of skin, giving it a natural fighting chance to heal the way the body was intended to. 

Use it on muscles, tendons, arthritis, soreness, stiffness, and headaches (apply to the back of your neck, and within minutes, you will feel relief) it’s made with pure menthol crystals that are crushed into powder and then added to the mixture, this also gives Red Zone a medicinal power to help with colds and a stuffy nose, rub on chest and feet to help with a cough. Apply to any part of your body before stretching, working out, or running to help prevent injury. Apply after physical activity to help prevent muscle cramps and soreness.

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